Born in Philadelphia, I received my undergraduate degree as an English and Biology major.  I received my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Chicago through the Interdisciplinary Committee on Human Development.

After being in a group private practice in New Haven, Connecticut for two years, I then taught and was director of outpatient services for the newly established Medical College of Ohio.

In 1979 my family and I came to Seattle for a sabbatical at the University of Washington.  This was followed by 28 years of teaching at Seattle University where for most of that time, I directed the M.A. program in Existential Phenomenological Therapeutic Psychology.  During this period I continued my part-time clinical practice, started the mental health component of the Refugee Clinic at Harborview Hospital, and helped found the Psychotheraphy Cooperative, a low fee therapy clinic in Seattle.  I retired from Seattle University in 2008 to establish a full time clinical practice. I continued my learning and training at the Northwest Center for Psychoanalysis, a contemporary psychoanalytic institute, from which I graduated in June 2010.

My clinical work is informed by a strong, continuing commitment to in-depth clinical training and learning, my interests in literature, poetry and the arts, and my deep and continuing interest in the meaning and depth of an individual's experience as told through their stories, "ordinary" experiences and dreams.

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist (#690), a Diplomat of the American Board of Professional Psychology (#2772), and a psychoanalyst.  I have written a number of articles, presented professional papers and written two books.  These specifics can be found at Gerber_curriculum_vitae[1].doc




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